How to make buyable wear

Content of this tutorial:

1. What is buyable wear?
2. Making buyable wear with default meshes
3. Making buyable wear with costum meshes
4. Hands with buyable wear?
5. Credit

1. What is buyable wear?

Buyable wear is night, swim and formal wear that your sims can purchase from down town.
Buyable wear will only work if you have Hot Date, Vacation or any other expansion pack that allows your sims to go down town.
If you don’t have buyable wear in your game but still want to costumize night, swim and formal wear, see the skin set tutorial instead.
There are two ways of doing buyable wear: using default meshes and costum meshes. Using the default meshes that comes with the game is easier, plus you don’t have to enclose the mesh if you upload the skin. Using a costum mesh will allow more variation, but it is a bit more complicated and you end up with bigger zip files to download.

2. Making buyable wear with default meshes:

Make a skin that fits a default mesh (see skin tutorial) and name it accordingly. You can get the meshes and the textures from the Maxis/The Sims/Expansion Pack3/Skinsbuy folder. Note: the meshes will NOT show up in SimShow because of the way they are named. Use SimPose to preview your skins instead.
The names you can use are as follows:


Formal wear:
F100fafit, F401fafit, F402fafit & F100mafit, F403mafit, F404mafit (Notice that the usual ‘B’ for body is replaced by an ‘F’ for formal)


Night wear:
L100fafit, L401fafit, L403fafit & L100mafit, L404mafit, L405mafit, L406mafit (Notice that the usual ‘B’ for body is replaced by an ‘L’ for lingerie)


Swim wear:
S100fafit, S402fafit & S100mafit, S406mafit (Notice that the usual ‘B’ for body is replaced by an ‘S’ for swim)


There are more default meshes, but I’ve just chosen the ones I like the best.
Remember that you do NOT have to enclose the mesh if you put the skin up for download, as the meshes are already installed in the game with Hot Date/ Vacation.
Save the .bmp to Maxis/The Sims/Gamedata/Skins and head down town to buy it.

3. Making buyable wear with costum meshes

If you don’t want to be limited by the default meshes, you can turn any mesh into a buyable mesh by a little editing in notepad.
The mesh is made up of two files; a .cmx and a .skn file. You will have to rename the .cmx file and edit it in note pad, but leave the .skn file as it is. The mesh will work anyway, and you will keep the number of mesh files in the game down. Just remember to enclose both the .cmx and the .skn file if you put the outfit up for download.

Here’s how to rename the mesh:
Take any mesh. Rename the cmx file by replacing the ‘B’ in the name with ‘F’ if you want formal wear, ‘L’ for night wear/lingerie and ‘S’ for swim wear. Leave the rest of the name as it is. E.g if you want to use B200fafit_BWar for formal wear the name will be F200fafit_Bwar.
Now open the .cmx file using notepad. (You will have to browse for ‘all files’ instead of just a text file.) The file will look like this:


Edit the 5th line, replacing the ‘B’ with an ‘F’, ‘L’ or ‘S’ (same as in the name) and leaving the rest as it is. The file should look like this now:


Save the file choosing ‘save’ NOT ‘save as…’ as that will mess up the file.
The body texture should be named after the .cmx file, that is starting with an F, L or S. Save all three files (.bmp, .cmx and .skn) into Maxis/The Sims/GameData/Skins and your skin should be ready. Remember to test the skin before uploading to a website as faulty mesh files could cause game crashes.

4. Hands with buyable wear?

Hands with buyable wear?
As far as I know it’s NOT possible to assign hands to buyable wear. The game will simply use the hands of the normal wear (the outfit your sim was wearing when she changed into buyable wear). So if you’re making a pale buyable wear, don’t bother to assign hands, they won’t work anyway. Your outfit will get pale hands if the sim that wears it has pale hands.

5. Credit

If you put any renamed meshes up for download, remember that you still have to give credit to the original mesh maker.