7/2-04: Added a basic meshing tutorial

27/11-03: Anniversary update – part II

Lots of nice stuff for ya all this time…

Azmodan has made some extremely hot young men – ouch! She also did a head, and two funky outfits for your pale guy simmies.

New light toned female heads and a skirt, formal dress and high fashion outfit to go with them.
Azmodan has done a gorgeous pale vampire as a gift to the vampire project at Mortimers Sim Stuff – you’ll find it in pale female dresses and pale female heads.

The pale female heads section has new heads by both Azmodan and Desdemona and the pale females also have a funky new skirt, and some cool formal and high fashion wear.

We also have some great presents to share with you: Camilla made us two cool Amazons as an anniversary gift 🙂 and Khrymson has made an absolutely stunning maiden – wow!

This update also has a fixed version of the C544fa_illia mesh done by Crash. If you’ve been having problems with the mesh please redownload.

AND last but not least we’re proud to present another affiliate: Sim City Mental Institution. If you haven’t visited this awesome site yet go there – NOW.

Oh yeah, and also new is the pale sims links.

Have fun 😉

16/11-03: Anniversary update – part I

We’ve been around for 2 years now, yay!

This time we have new body meshes by Desdemona, new female skirts, and some female heads. In the female buyables section there is a new high fashion outfit and some lingerie.

In the pale section you’ll find news in female skirts and heads as well as in high fashion and nightwear.
The gift page has been updated with an amazing skin and head done by Khrymson – go get it.

Part II of the update will follow shortly with some great stuff from Azmodan, so check back soon 😉


22/8-03: Oops, some head files were not named right…

Redownload AzmoAllshookup and AzmoTooShy from female heads and Azmoheybaby and AzmoTryharder from the pale female heads section and they will actually show up in your game 😉

19/8-03: Update time…

This time we’ve uploaded with buyable skins for sims super star – check out the high fashion skins for female, male, pale female and pale male.

This update also has a bunch of very cool male skins done by Heinerich, a female skirt and a dress as well as wonderful pale skirts by Azmodan.

Both the female head and pale female head sections are updated with heads on desdemona’s new meshes.

In the themes section you will find Messy Stench done by request and also our brand new gifts section with a beautiful head by Donna of Zipperzone.

Enjoy 🙂

29/6-03: New affiliate!

Check out the very cool site Mortimers Sim Stuff 🙂

23/6-03: More skin

The requested skin of Kim from the movie Blair Witch II is in the celebrity section.

22/6-03: Back with a new update!

We have a bunch of beautiful female heads by Azmodan and Desdemona and some funky skirts and pants to go with them. And also a new outfit for your sim guys.

In the pale section there are new female heads and skins and a handsome male head made by Az.

Desdemona has made a mesh with flared legwarmers, feel free to use it on your site with a link back here 😉 And the download ‘AzmoTeenageLobotomy’ has been fixed (some stockings had found their way into the bitmap) -redownload and replace.

Thanks to those who donated to the site, it really helps us out a lot *hugs*

One last thing: be sure to check out the new subscription site Unlaced Sims if you haven’t already, it’s an amazing site.

That’s it for now 🙂


6/4-03: Big spring cleaning and shopping sales

More downsizing than updating really, been busy collecting at https://noveltystreet.com with all the cool things you can buy online and their crazy off the roof discounts. We’ve taken down a bunch of old files in all sections. And a couple of heads have been redone.

All the pale skins has been looked over and added correct hands and nude, so please re-download if you’ve had problems.

We’ve also put up a donation and gift buttons… if you feel like improving your karma, spend some money 😉


This time we have some male skins from Heinerich, some female pants, female skirts, and a female dress. Desdemona made a female head for you. Azmodan made some pale female heads, plus a pale male head. There is allso news in pale female skirts and pants. And we have a new affiliate: Zipperzone. Go visit!


23/02-03 New tutorial by desdemona

Learn how to make your own pale sims. Comes with a skin set and buyable wear tutorial too. And we have 2 more affiliates: Sim Skins and Sim Sketches – go check them out, they’re very cool 🙂

Please check out the latest Affiliate, the Gerbil cage.


I wont write much. hope you enjoy!

The AmazonSims/FrilySims Elf Project

28/1-03: As you’ve probably noticed we’ve moved the site. We were having problems with our former webhost, but thanks to WebGeist we didn’t have to close the site… Thanks a billion Kate and David! 🙂
We’ve had to change our e-mail addresses a long with the domain, so if you’ve been trying to get in touch with us for the past week or so we probably haven’t received your mail. Try again, using our new e-mails.
Hopefully we’ll be able to bring you a new update soon.


We are proud to introduce our new affiliate, SimSylvania!, please go check it out 🙂